about us

 Maximum Soft We have more than 10 years of experience in software technology with competent experts. step side by side go with your business

What can we do?

Our services are as follows.

website development

Web Application development with modern technology and create as you wish with affordable price

Develop a back-end system

Develop a back-end system Easy to use and complete accurate statistics.


Consulting on software and support problems about use

marketing system

marketing system that will make you Become known and increase sales effectively

Why Maximum Soft?

Maximumsoft We specialize in providing software development services. and integrated applications where we use tools Modern techniques and technologies And the most appropriate in every project to create the greatest impression on our customers. with high quality software that can actually be used Meet every aspect of your needs.


Tech Stack

Used to design websites for both public and private organizations.

  • aws
  • docker
  • css
  • golang
  • kubernetes
  • mongo
  • apache
  • nginx
  • php
  • googlecloud
  • node
  • nuxt
  • rabbit
  • redis
  • vue
  • wp
  • sql
  • pythong
  • flutter
  • helm
  • js
  • scss
  • ts
  • dart
  • line dc
  • github
  • react
  • bootstrap

our team

We have an experienced team….

Programmer Director

that understands the needs of customers and can be designed as a solution according to needs

Software Developer

Specializing in programming and websites with more than 5 years of work experience

Software Quality Assurance

who take care and control the quality of work to the highest standards

UX/UI Designer

in the web design industry and programs for a long time Including a good understanding of the user experience.

Account Executive

helping to coordinate between teams for the smoothest coordination

Customer Service

helping in times of technical difficulties


Our workflow is designed to create the best possible website for you and your users.


collect information

Collect Requirements



Analyze and design solutions
in order to answer the most questions


website page design

website graphic design or


website development

Develop website or program


system test

system test
Quality Assurance
to guarantee the quality of work


Deliver work to customers

Delivery of work and after-sales care services

apply for work

If you are interested in working with us We have many positions available.

Front-End Developer

Full Time | Entry level



– Minimum skill HTML, CSS, Javascipt, Nodejs
Vue, Angular, React, Git

1 year or more experience

– Bachelor’s degree or higher

– Able to design and develop web applications as assigned

– Knowledge and understanding of HTML CSS Javascipt Nodejs Git Docker

– Can use Javascript Framework Vue Angular React very well

– Responsible for the work received and able to modify the work outside of working hours.

– Collaborate with UX/UI and Backend Developer

– have previous work will consider specially


Back-End Developer

Full Time | Middle level



– Minimum skill nodejs, docker, github, mongodb, golang will be an advantage
1+ years of experience

– Bachelor’s degree or higher

– Knowledge and understanding of REST API principles

– Experience with MySQL or NoSQL database connection

– Efficient use of Git

– Understand working principle and basic commands of Docker

– Able to use operation nginx, ubuntu proficiently

– have previous work will consider specially


UX/UI Designer

Full Time | Entry – Senior Level



– Fresh graduate or 1 year experience

– Functional UX/UI Designer, Illustrator, Figma and Photoshop 1
years up

– Knowledge and understanding about web design, web responsive

– Design UX / UI for Web and Mobile Application to meet the needs

– Knowledge and understanding of Web Technology and responsive design

– Ability to prioritize tasks

– Good understanding of layout, use of different colors and lighting

– Able to communicate fluently, can convert language into images, can think of images, can convert images into human language


Full Stack Developer

Full Time | Entry-Middle level



– Have a good attitude to work Able to work as a team and work under pressure

– Good understanding of RESTful API principles

– Good at algorithms and based on data structure and design, improve and extend features efficiently.

– Always develop yourself and study new technologies.

– Understand working principles and basic commands Docker or kubernetes

– Improve the performance of the application system. and the database can be used efficiently

– Improve the performance of the application system. and the database can be used efficiently

– Development languages Go Lang, Node JS, Vue Js, MySql, MongoDB


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our welfare

KPI assessment, quarterly bonus payment

social security

Annual Office Outing

Medical expenses (OPD)/year

Equipment and courses to promote potential for work

Saturday-Sunday holiday and public holidays

annual salary adjustment

Vacation 6 days a year

free lunch

Unlimited water and snacks

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